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Bushnell Wingman FAQs & SpecsUpdated 2 years ago

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Bushnell Wingman FAQs

Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker Device Overview

  • Top left—charge in port
  • Top right—charge out port
  • Very top—remote control with button
  • Front at top—volume up, then volume down
  • Middle front—play, then power
  • Left side—BITE magnet

How do I set up/use my Bushnell Wingman?

Using your Wingman GPS speaker is super-easy. Start by following these instructions:

  1. To charge the Wingman’s internal lithium-ion battery, connect a smartphone or tablet’s USB charger (any 1A or 2A rated USB charger) to the “IN” micro USB port on the Wingman. The battery is fully charged when the Wingman’s Indicator Ring (at top of unit) turns green. A fully charged battery will provide approximately 10 hours operating time at a normal, moderate volume level. Low power is indicated by a flashing orange ring. When the battery charge drops below 3% remaining, the Wingman will power off automatically.
  2. The “OUT” micro USB port can be used to recharge your phone if necessary while away from other power sources. Note: using the Wingman to recharge mobile devices will reduce the battery level and operating time of the Wingman.
  3. Hold the Power button on the Wingman until the startup sound is heard and Indicator Ring flashes orange.
  4. Make sure the Wingman is within 10meters/32 feet from your mobile device. Activate Bluetooth® on your smartphone and select Wingman to pair (Indicator Ring stops flashing when paired with phone). Once paired, music played on your phone will be heard on the Wingman. To disconnect the currently paired device, press Plus and Minus buttons simultaneously. The LED Indicator Ring rapidly flashes, indicating the device has been disconnected, and the Wingman is ready to pair with a new device. Note: when powered on, the Wingman automatically reconnects to the last mobile device it was paired with. The Wingman can memorize up to 8 paired devices. The Wingman will shut off after 15 minutes in pairing mode if no devices have been paired, as a power saving feature.
  5. Use the Plus and Minus buttons to adjust speaker volume up or down. Press the Play button to pause music, press again to resume. Press and hold the Plus button to advance to the next track. Press and Hold the Minus button to start a track over from the beginning.
  6. The Wingman has a microphone which allows you to take incoming calls. To answer an incoming call, press the Play button. To reject an incoming call, Press and hold the Play button. To end a call, press Play. To redial the last called number, press and hold the Play button.

My Bushnell Wingman will not power on. What do I do?

Please try the following to see if any of these steps will get your device to power on and charge fully:

  • When the device is completely discharged, it sometimes will not show as charging when plugged in.  When you plug it in, press the power on button for up to 15 seconds. The device should switch to USB mode and start charging.
  • Hold down the bottom left-hand button and power button together for 15 seconds or until the unit switches off then turn it back on using power button. This will reboot the device and it will no longer be frozen.
  • The device is relatively sensitive to being "properly ejected" after being plugged into a computer. To help prevent this from occurring again, please turn the Phantom off before connecting to the computer and safely eject the device once complete.

Can I change the battery on my Bushnell Wingman GPS?

You cannot change the battery. Do not attempt to open, disassemble or service the internal battery. The battery must be replaced by a qualified technician. If you suspect the battery is not working properly, please fill out this form and a support tech will get back to you with options.

Why does my not Wingman not Auto Advance holes?

The 2 primary settings that can cause the Wingman to not auto advance are as follows:

  • In the Bushnell Golf App, Select Your Wingman Device and Settings. Scroll down and confirm the Auto Hole Advance is On under the Play Golf Speak Settings. Also, please also confirm that all of the other speak settings are set to your preferences.
  • Check your Phone App Settings for the Bushnell Golf App. The settings for permissions need to include Location services. The typical choices for Apple are "While Using the App" or "Always (iOS). For Android, it would be under settings, Bushnell App, App Permissions, Location = On.

Can I use the Wingman with multiple phones at different times?

For music play only, the Wingman can remember up to 8 different bluetooth devices (at different times) without using the Bushnell Golf App. The easiest way to pair the Wingman with your bluetooth device to play music only is to have all nearby phones' Bluetooth turned off and not physically near the Wingman when connecting.

For audible GPS voice functions from your Wingman, the Legacy Golf App limits the Wingman to one registered user. Our new version of the Bushnell Golf Mobile App does not have this limitation and does allow a single Wingman to switched between different phones with the app installed. Android and Apple iOS compatible versions of the new app can be downloaded at the Google Play and Apple App stores.

Where can I find the Bushnell Wingman User Manual?

Click here to see the Bushnell Wingman manual.

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Bushnell Wingman Product Specifications


  • LENGTH: 2.9"
  • WIDTH: 2.8"
  • HEIGHT: 7.4"
  • WEIGHT: 24.0oz



  • POWER SOURCE: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion

Click here to see full Wingman product specs.

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