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Blue Tees Golf Series 2 / Series 2 Pro FAQs & SpecsUpdated 2 years ago

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Blue Tees Golf Series 2 / Series 2 Pro FAQs

Why doesn’t my rangefinder provide accurate readings?

Your rangefinder might be on the wrong unit of measurement. The Blue Tees Golf rangefinder can measure in both yards and meters. You can toggle between the two by holding down the MODE button for 3 seconds. By switching to your desired unit of measurement, you’ll experience more accurate readings.

If the unit of measurement is correct, then you may consider potential weather-related reasons why the rangefinder is not accurate. For example, the rangefinder’s laser may have trouble picking up the flag in foggy or rainy conditions.

Why won’t my Series 1, 2 or 2 Pro rangefinder lock on to the flag?

First, make sure your rangefinder is set to Mode 2. Look through the rangefinder and press the button until the display reads M2.

Second, aim your rangefinder at the flag, instead of the stick. The flag is a larger target and by aiming at the flag, you also avoid catching objects in the background.

Third, to lock onto your target, raise the rangefinder to your eye, aim at the flag, and press the power button. Your rangefinder will vibrate and display the distance to your target. Note: If the rangefinder is off, you will press the power button to turn it on, aim at the flag, and press the power button again.

Why isn’t my lens clear? / Why is my view blurry?

If the view through your rangefinder is blurry, you may need to make a simple adjustment using the white eyepiece. It rotates so you can adjust it like the lens of a camera or binoculars.

To start, turn the eyepiece directly to the middle. The distances and view through the scope should become crystal clear. You can then adjust the eyepiece as needed.

Why won’t my rangefinder turn on?

When your rangefinders are shipped, the battery comes wrapped in plastic to protect it. This thin plastic wrapping is sometimes hard to see, but it is essential to remove it before inserting the battery into the rangefinder.

You’ll also want to make sure the battery is facing the right direction. The flat end of the battery should touch the coiled part of the battery chamber.

If the first battery doesn’t work, please follow the same instructions with the spare battery included with your order.

What does Mode 3 do?

In the simplest terms, Mode 3 is the Speed Mode.

This feature is most often utilized by customers who use their Blue Tees rangefinder for hunting.

Can I turn off the Slope function?

The Slope function is not available on all Blue Tees Golf rangefinders, so it depends on the model you’re using.

Our newest model, the Series 3 Max, has a toggle switch to turn the slope function on and off. The Series 2 Pro comes with an automatic Slope function, and it cannot be turned off. The Series 2 does not come with the Slope function.

Where can I find the Blue Tees Golf Series 2 / Series 2 Pro User Manual?

Click here to see the Blue Tees Golf Series 2 / Series 2 Pro manual.

Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Product Specifications

  • Flag Lock + Pulse Vibration
  • 800 Yard Range
  • Water-Resistant
  • HD Display
  • Tournament Legal (Non-Slope)


Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro Product Specifications

  • Slope Distances
  • Flag Lock + Pulse Vibration
  • 800 Yard Range with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard
  • Water-Resistant
  • HD Display with adjustable EZ Optic Focus
  • USGA Conforming and tournament legal (No Slope)

Click here to see full Series 2 / Series 2 Pro product specs.

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